How to choose a Real Estate Agent

We spend more time researching the next TV or cellphone we are going to buy than we do employing a Real Estate Agent to help market our home for sale.

When you are thinking about selling, you are the most wanted person in real estate. Every Real Estate Agent wants to be the chosen agent who lists your home. Homes for sale are called listings and, to any Real Estate Agent, many listings mean many sales.

If you choose an agent purely on quoted price, you could make a huge mistake. Thousands of sellers have learned, from bitter experience, that the price the agents quote and the price they get are different prices.

But it is very hard to ignore some agents. When an agent, who is supposed to be a professional, says your home is worth a huge amount, it is very tempting. However, most sellers forget one vital fact: the agents are biased. If they quote you a price and their competitor quotes a higher price, they risk losing your business.

And if they lose, they dont get paid.

Agents who tell the truth often lose business to agents who don't. This puts the honest agents in a terrible situation. If they tell the truth, they risk rejection. This is why they avoid the price and say: “Its hard to judge exactly. It depends on the market. Lets not put a price on it. Lets auction and see what the market says.

Agents are terrified of homesellers who say, "Tell me what my home is worth", and that is why they will do all they can to avoid what is known as ,The Price Issue.

The Price Issue

Agents often say they do not know how much a home is worth. But, no matter what they say, they do know. They just do not want to tell sellers and risk losing the business.
If you demand a quick quote on your homes selling price, many agents will either avoid the price or inflate the price. This is not like getting a painting quote. Remember, the agent is not the buyer of your home, he or she is the person who market and advertises your home, looking for a buyer. You are looking for the best agent to do that.

It is similar to a job interview. The job description is: an agent you like who will get you the highest price possible and who will be honest with you.

The best 2 questions to ask an agent are: What will you do to get the best price for my home?
and "Can you please justify your fees?"

Allow the agent time to answer these question. If you demand instant answers to How much is my home worth? and How much is your commission?, instead of What will you do?, you will probably be told lies. Or, even worse, you will miss the best agent.

an extract from
Neil Jenman.Real estate.