Open Homes are inconvenient for buyer and seller. As a seller you must prepare your home for display every weekend until a buyer is found. Buyers have to view your home at at a time that may not be suitable, or is too short, and in the company of curious onlookers who have no intention of buying.Many insurance companies do not cover theft from Open Homes. Open Home theft prompts tenant to warn of risks - NZ Herald News        /burglars-stealing furniture from Open Homes  ,       Open Home thieves get jail time.
Their reasoning is sound - you are inviting complete strangers into your home and saying to them "please feel free to have a good look around" with your only security being an agent standing in your kitchen.
With the advent of the Internet you no longer need this inconvenience and risk. A potential buyer can now view your home and all relevant information concerning it online,through professional photos and video. They can then make a short list of the properties that suit their requirements and arrange a private viewing.
No homeowner want or need the stress of showing their home to people who have nothing better to do than visit open homes , with no intension of buying.
The only people who should be entering your home are those who are in a position to buy it.