A Floor Plan will Help Sell Your Home.
Many real estate agents see floor plans as not “necessary”.
If that’s how you feel, then technically, you’re right. Floor plans aren’t “necessary”. But then neither are real estate photos – and you won’t see many listings without those!
Floor plans help sell properties. And they make your listings stand out from your competitors’ property listings.
When it comes to viewing real estate photos online, it can be difficult for buyers to see how the images fit together to represent the whole house. This is especially the case when the property is empty.
With a floor plan, buyers can piece together the photos and property in their mind. The floor plan helps buyers to see where rooms are located in context to one another, and how the property “flows”. It also gives the buyer an idea of important details, such as the number of windows in each room, the way in which the space is oriented, and how much storage space is available.
This is an important advantage, because buyers are more likely to choose to inspect a property that already “makes sense” to them thanks to the intersection between the photos, video and the floor plan.
And if you’re marketing to out-of-town buyers, floor plans are an invaluable tool for communicating how the property “comes together”, helping to make these buyers more comfortable with buying a property they haven’t inspected.