If you're reading this youre probably wondering whether or not you should have a for sale sign so well save you some time and answer that real quick yes.  You categorically should have a for sale sign if you are selling your property. 

Reason number 1: Your neighbours

Your neighbours probably arent checking Trademe every day but they will certainly notice a sign being put up out front of your home, and are likely to mention this to others. You may even be lucky enough to have a neighbour that has friends or loved ones wanting to move closer to them.

Reason number 2: Extra exposure

Consider this scenario. Your buyer has been searching on Trademe in the general area but not under your specific suburb and they dont find your home. Luckily, you have a for sale sign up and one of the buyers friends sees it on their way to work and lets them know.  Thanks to the sign, neither you nor the buyer missed out. Whichever way you look at it, having a sign up means more people will know your property is for sale, and this increases the chances of it being sold successfully.

Reason number 3: To help a buyer out

Many buyers do a drive by before booking an inspection, you dont want them struggling to find your property, or thinking it has gone off the market. Signs also make it easy for buyers to make contact.

Reason number 4: Sign are extremely cost effective

Most professional signs will last until your property is sold. Given that there is no ongoing cost its hard to understand why anyone would choose not to use what real estate agents often call the silent salesman.

Reason number 5: A good sign shows youre serious and professional

Having a professional sign up confirms to the buyer that the property is legitimately for sale, and that professional services have been engaged to market it.  

So in a nutshell, having a for sale sign is cost effective, makes it easier for buyers to reach you, and  means more people will see and talk about your sale. The bottom line is that if you dont have a for sale sign, youre probably missing out on some buyers. 

Your potential buyer has a 60% chance of living within 4km from your home.
This is why Optimo provide a high quality easy to read "for sale" sign for the front of your home.