• Angela and Stephen

    Every now and again something special takes you by surprise and that’s what happened when we were introduced by a friend to Optimo...
  • Mike and Jan

    Sold in 24 hours. Saved $20,000 in real estate commission.
  • Bonnie and Ross

    This was our first experience with selling a property and the level of guidance we were provided was outstanding.
  • Fran Gardner

    A big thankyou for your expertise, help and advise on the sale of my property

  • Rebecca and Simon 7 Walkins Road, Cambridge,

    Saved in excess of $20,000 in real estate commissions.
    "8 days from listing to unconditional! 
  • Paul Hubbard, 31 Rosalie Tce

    Sold in 2 Weeks, saved more than $12,000 in marketing costs.
  • Jessica Henn

    Jessica saved more than $12,000 in real estate commissions.
  • Heather Bloxham

    Heather saved more than $8,000 in real estate commission.
  • Lyn Jolly

    Sold in 4 days, saved $9,000
  • Pat and John. 76 Geneva Terrace

    Sold in a week for a great price. We saved $21,000.
  • Jack and Eliza, 5 Masefield Terrace.

    We saved at least $16,000 in real estate commissions.
  • Stewart Gush

    Russell saved $14,000 by not using a real estate agent.
  • Pauline Meredith-King

    Selling My Home on My Terms, and saving thousands.
  • Katie Wrenn

    Katie saved more than $9,000 in fees, by using Optimo.

    I was a bit apprehensive about using Optimo, especially since I was a first time seller and was selling my property remotely and tenanted, but I was really impressed with the service
  • Sue Hoskins

    I have bought and sold a number of properties over the years. Prior to selling 120 Ruamahanga Crescent I have always used Real Estate Agents and had never enjoyed the experience or considered the agents had earned the amounts they charged...
  • Martin Sargent

    10 out of 10
    The experience of selling our house through Optimo was great from start to finish
    By going with Optimo we saved around $20,000.
  • Christine, 54 Rhodes Drive.

    A big thankyou Optimo.
    Saved over $9,000 and received great price.
  • Shaun and Jo-Anne Duncan

    By going with Optimo, we saved $17,000 in real estate commissions.
    Thank you Optimo, your service was fantastic and the marketing of our property was very professional.

  • Serena and Rex Christensen

    We save $10,000 in real estate commissions going with Optimo.
    We are pleased that we made the decision to go through Optimo and we would recommend using Optimo to our friends.

  • Peter Horsley

    How do you sell a home at a very good price within a 2 week period? Seek out Optimo! The team is highly professional in every sense - sound and honest advice, excellent marketing, great attention to detail, and constant availability for on-going discussion and support...

  • Pam Chegwidden

    To Optimo, Congratulations on an excellent Professional stress free service, with a beautiful video and your help to market my home...
  • Gaye and Larry

    We decided to sell our home in Milson. We had to make a commercial decision to sell our lifetime home.Two business associates recommended the marketing of Optimo.co.nz. I hesitated, then finally called them. The house was listed on Wednesday 11th at 7:30 pm. SOLD on Saturday at 3:30pm with a  $30,000 deposit...
  • Kev & Philippa West

    It is simple - choosing Optimo to market our house was a great decision. Timing was everything; in an ideal world we wanted to secure a settlement date that was just after the completion of our new home at a realistic price and this is exactly what we have achieved, without incurring the usually huge real estate fees...
  • Lois Moody

    Having investigated ways in which to market my property, I chose to use Optimo. I found the process professionally presented to me with no pressure applied in order that I work with Optimo...

  • Ian and Rochelle Schofield, Hawkes Bay

    For many of us selling a home is an extremely stressful and all too often financially disappointing experience. The conventional process wears us down to the point where we just want it to be over, where we, albeit resentfully, accept significant costs for advertising, auctions and last but certainly not least for sales commission...
  • David

    We have just sold our house through Optimo, whilst living abroad. We were somewhat daunted at the prospects of paying a fee in advance as distinct to a commission on a successful sale. But the house has now sold, and it's resulted in us saving probably $15,000 in commission...
  • Cheryl Taylor

    The service and personal attention I received from Optimo was exceptional and unexpected when selling a house. The team at Optimo are truly of a high-calibre. Optimo has huge credibility and a great following from all those that have used them to sell their properties...
  • Peter Wilton

    Saved thousands of dollars, not having to use a real estate agent.
    The sale process went like clock work.
  • M.Simpson

    I’ll never use a Real Estate agent again! After selling a number of homes over the years I have finally found the best way to ever sell your home – Optimo!...
  • Angie and Pete

    Optimo is a dedicated company which provide services that are of the highest level. We never dreamed selling our large lifestyle block would draw the response it did and could be done so easily, but Optimo has proved the whole selling process can be a positive experience...