Sue Hoskins

I have bought and sold a number of properties over the years. Prior to selling 120 Ruamahanga Crescent I have always used Real Estate Agents and had never enjoyed the experience or considered the agents had earned the amounts they charged.

From the time I first read about the philosophy of Optimo I was impressed with the concept. I was even more impressed once I had met with Optimo and discussed the process with them.

From the start I found Optimo very easy to work with. They were reliable, efficient, professional and very pleasant to work with. Even though they received their full payment at the beginning of the selling process, they continued to provide 100% support throughout the full period I had the house on the market.

Thank you Optimo for taking some of the \"pain” out of the selling process. You earned your money and I was happy with the decision I made to go with Optimo.

All the best. Your business deserves to grow.